No equipment is needed to be purchased as all materials are provided for class use.  No building or programming experience necessary. When possible, students will work in pairs to incorporate teamwork.  Class size can be 4 students or less. 

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Jr. Robotics:
Build and Play

Each week students will build a simple robot design with the LEGO(R) Mindstorms(R) NXT robotics kit. They will be introduced to using motors and sensors, as well as the programming software. After building, a game will be played with the robot.

1st-3rd grades
Session 1: Sep 7-Oct 12
Session 2: Nov 2-Dec 14

Robot Missions

In this program, students will use a LEGO(R) Mindstorms (R)  robotics kit to tap into their creativity as they build and program an autonomous robot to complete various missions on a playing field. Students will also use problem solving skills as they experiment and make modifications to complete their missions.

4th-8th grades
Session 1: Aug 22-Oct 10
Session 2: Oct 24-Dec 19

Robotics Lab

Students will be guided through the building and programming of the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robotics system. They will begin this course with the basics of building and programming, learn some essential building techniques, and conduct experiments in navigating the robot to perform challenges using motors and sensors. As students continue to take this class, they will be encourage to think creatively and be able to try more challenging and advance techniques.

4th-12th grades
Fridays from 4:30pm-6:00pm