Competitive Teams

Robotics is a great alternative to physical sports!


Students will experience the thrill of a competition as they prepare to compete against other teams! Competitive teams will meet weekly for 90 minutes. If needed, additional time/days may be added.

Fees cover the cost of registering a team, materials, and tournament fees.  Travel, food, and lodging are not included. However, on the last day of our team meeting food and refreshments are provided to celebrate the team’s hard work.

Contact now to have your student or a small group of students join a competitive team today!




Competitive Robotics I

A team will use the LEGO(R) Mindstorms(R) EV3 robotics system to compete in a FIRST(R) LEGO(R) League competition. Each year teams are given a real-world challenge theme. To meet that challenge, students participate in the designing, building, and programming an autonomous robot to complete a variety of missions on a playing field. They will also do a research project, come up with an innovation and a creative presentation to show to judges.

4th-8th grades
Sep 5-April 24
Team Member fee:
*If needed, team may do some fundraising

Competitive Robotics II

A team will use the VEX(R) Robotics system to compete in the VEX(R) Robotics Competition. Each year students are presented with a game-based engineering challenge to design, build, use strategy, and program an autonomous robot to complete the challenge. The objective is to get their robot to score the most points while collaborating in alliance with another team.

6th-12th Grades
Contact if interested

Competitive Robotics III

A team will use a LEGO(R) Mindstorms(R) robotics system to compete in a Sumo-Bot competition. Students will participate in the designing, building and programming an autonomous robot. The main objective of the competition is to use a team’s creative building and  programming strategies to attempt to push another robot off the arena and score points to win a match.

4th – 12th Grades
Begins in January